Get Ptengine in French and German

I love German and French

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous Français? Ptengine is launching a new feature: Multi language support! Starting with French & German as two extra languages to choose from. We noticed more and more users from non-English speaking countries are using Ptengine. Although digital marketing is mainly English, we got some feedback from users who prefer their native […]

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Why analytics is a complete waste of time without conversion goals

Set up your Ptengine goals!

It’s 2016 and I’m sick & tired of people talking about vanity metrics like page views and uniques. Sure it feels warm and fuzzy to see how many hits you get but it won’t help you improve your website one-bit-at-all! Track something that matters: Track conversions A conversion is when a user has carried out a desired action on your website. In this blog article we will teach some new skills to get […]

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